Wall Needing Maintenance?

Rely on us for tuckpointing services based in Broadview, IL and Servicing The Greater Chicagoland Area

Is your brick wall not looking up to your standards? Cracked and mortar joints? You can preserve the existing brick wall and refresh its appearance with tuckpointing services from Mertes Contracting Corporation located in Broadview, IL.

Tuckpointing of mortar joints helps prolong the life of the brickwork. This process helps maintain the structural integrity of the wall and prevents the outside elements from migrating to interior spaces and causing unseen damages. At the ground level or at the higher floors, we have removed and repaired all types of mortar joints.

Benefits of tuckpointing:

Benefits of tuckpointing:

  • Helps prevent moisture intrusion
  • Consistent color of tuckpointed mortar joints
  • Helps maintain the walls instructural integrity
  • Uniform appearance throughout the building fa├žade
  • Helps minimize future building component failures

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